"Slatalla offers her tale in charming, unsentimental language. 'Soon my family's Martin will be a memory,' she writes, but it's only thanks to her skills that the town will be remembered at all."
– People Magazine

"Martin may be the antithesis of the mythologized Lake Wobegon, but its inhabitants are just as unforgettable."
Chicago Tribune

"Martin has a Boswell...Ms. Slatalla develops a powerful sense of place."
– Wall Street Journal

"Heartwarming, yet sober and unsentimental."
– Kirkus Reviews

"...utterly captivating"
– Daniel Okrent

"...brings to life a unique, and uniquely American, place"
– Howard Frank Mosher

“Slatalla takes readers on a sweetly affectionate stroll down a memory lane brimming with colorful yarns and characters.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Slatalla paints a vivid picture of small-town life”
– Library Journal

"It's a fitting memorial for an unusual town and makes one wonder how many other towns' stories have been lost."
– Austin Chronicle

"Readers who believe that great American literature is still attainable will find this book a true gem."
– The Roanoke Times


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